Central Library


        A library endowed with the books and periodicals having rich, latest and updated information forms the backbone of any educational institute. The Central library is enriched with sifficient quantity of technical books, journals, reference volumes etc. that are required for learning and teaching of all disciplines. Central library gives support to the educational & research programs of the Institute by providing physical & intellectual access to information. It consists of Reference Section, Journal Section, Reading Hall, Digital library section, Multimedia Facility, Stack- Room etc. The library has unique collection of Encyclopedia, Handbooks, Textbooks, Journals, and CDs etc. The library uses ‘LibMan1.1’ software. Circulation system of books is based on Bar- Code.

        Library is enabled with Wi-Fi technology.

        A fully computerized, automated modern Library building has about 29,585.68 sq.ft. area. An e – Library is equipped with the 2 mbps brand band Internet, 20 mbps leased Line connectivity and 2 mbps wireless (RF) connectivity for the users.

        Open Access System is being followed in the Central Library and all the documents are in barcode. In addition to the well stocked Library, each department of KSRPC has their own departmental Library to facilitate easy access to the faculty, Students and Research Scholar’s.


        To provide excellent information resources and deliver quality services and facilities to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of the Institution.


  • To maintain the standard and reputation of the College through excellence in library services
  • To meet the requirements of academic needs of our students and research Scholars of the Institution
  • To provide appropriate and comfortable ambience for the Library Users.
  • Utilize library and information technology innovatively and appropriately.
  • Develop and maintain effective and efficient infrastructure to provide and deliver information services.
  • Support and enhance teaching and learning processes by delivering and promoting the effective use of information resources.
  • To provide access to an electronic catalog.
  • To provide a well-organized collection of books, periodicals and electronic media, this meets the instructional needs of students and faculty in order to support the courses
  • To maintain a current and useful library collection reflecting the needs of all courses.
  • Opening Hours

  • The library remains open on all the working days except Sundays and College notified holidays.
  • The opening hours of the Library are from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM
  • All Library services are provided from 09.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Lunch break is observed from 1.30 PM to 2.00 PM for all services except reading and circulation services.
  • Library Hours

  • The cyclic Library hours – as per our regular timetable – for all department students.
  • Automation and Circulation

  • The Library Services are automated by “LibMan” Software System.
  • Automation makes user friendly and reduce the delay timing.
  • Automation is useful to keep database and records updated.
  • The Library Services are automated by “LibMan” Software System.
  • Fully computerized circulation with bar-coding facility .
  • K. RAVI

    M.Com., M.L.I.S., M.Phil., MISTE.,


    Lib Asst
    BA History


    Sno Category Total
    1. Professors Assistant Professors and Lecturers 85
    2. Non-Teaching Staff 27
    3. Students 1450

    Loan Period

    Sno Member Details No. of BooksLoan period
    1. Professors Assistant Professors and Lecturers 4 60 days
    2. Non-Teaching Staff 2 60 days
    3. Students 2 15 days

    Overdue Charges

    Period Fine Charge
    Upto 06 Days (after due period) Rs.1/- per day per book excluding holidays
    From 07th days and above Rs.2/- per day per book excluding


    S.No Resources Total
    1. Books     16105
    2. Periodicals 61
    3. Journal Back Volumes 667
    4. Project Reports              507
    5. Educational CD/DVD 230
    6. Periodicals & Books CD’s 617
    7. News Papers   8
    8. E-Journals Access to more than 10,700+ titles

    E Resources

    • IEL Online (under INDEST- AICTE, Consortium Scheme)
    • Science Direct
    • E Books

    Multimedia Library

    • CD/DVD Received with Books
    • CD/DVD Received with Journals
    • CD’s of Subject Material from Department Staff
    • CD’s of Soft Skills
     IEE http://www.ieee.org
     ASME http://asmedigitalcollection.asme.org
     ASCE http://ascelibrary.org
     Springer http://www.springer.com
     ASTM Digital Library http://enterprise.astm.org
     McGraw Hill Engineering Library http://2.accessengineeringlibrary.com
     Elsevier http://www.sciencedirect.com
     Nature Science http://www.nature.com
     J-Gate Engineering http://www.jgateplus.com
     J-Gate Social and Management Science http://www.j-gate.informindia.co.in
     Proquest  https://search.proquest.com
     GATE Preparation Papers http://nptel.ac.in/gate_paper.php

    General Rules

  • All the Staff and Students are members of our Library
  • Users must scan their ID card in system kept at the entrance while entry / exit to record their entry into the Library.
  • All books must be returned on or before the due date.
  • Members must replace the book if lost with latest edition along with overdue charges.
  • The triple the cost of the book will be collected if it is not returned.
  • Members are required to deposit their bags/belongings at the property counter.
  • Members are required to produce their Bar-Coded Membership ID Cards to the Library assistant and Librarian as and when asked for.
  • Personal books and belongings are not permitted to be brought inside the Library.
  • Silence is to be strictly observed in the library.
  • The books are to be left on the reading table and not to be replaced in the shelves after reading or reference.
  • Book will be lent to students only for a period of 15 days (Including Holidays).
  • The (final year) students should return the books to the library for obtaining No dues Certificate.
  • Borrowing journals / reference books / projects reports from the library is not permitted.
  • Borrowers are expected to return the books on or before the due date stamped on the issue label.
  • Books returned after the due date will be charged an over due charge of Rs. 1/- per day.
  • Books may be returned on all working days. Absence from the institution shall not be an excuse for any delay in returning the books.
  • The returned books shall not be reissued to the same person on the same day of return.
  • Library books are to be used with utmost care and to be returned without any damage.
  • Damaged books shall not be accepted and it has to be replaced.
  • Usage of mobile phones is not permitted inside the library.
  • Laptop computers are allowed inside the library for reference work.
  • Underlining, Scribbling and / or tearing of pages or any other type of mutilation of books and Journals etc.., mishandling or misuse of computers will be punishable.
  • If any book / Journal are brought out of the Library without proper entry, serious action will be taken.
  • The competent authority will take necessary action against the users who violate the Library rules and regulations.

    • Books will be issued only on production of valid user ID card.
    • Books borrowed must be returned on or before the due date.
    • Only one renewal can be done at any one time.
    • Books will have to be physically presented for renewals.
    • Users are requested to verify the physical condition of the book/s before borrowing.
    • For late return of books, overdue charges will be collected as per rules in force.
    • Users are requested to deposit their bags/belongings (other than valuables) at the personal belongings counter.
    • Users are required to observe silence inside the library.
    • Users are required to switch of the lights and fans when not required or while leaving the reading halls.
    • Users are required to keep the library and the campus neat and tidy.
  • Reference Service

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    Reading Room

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    Home Lone Facility

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    New Arrivals

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    Photocopy Facility

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    News Paper Clippings

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    User Awareness

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    Question Bank

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    Digital Library

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